Ultrafiltration systems

NPC srl has specialized over the years in the design and construction of specific ultrafiltration systems aimed at the pretreatment of primary water for the separation from influential suspended solids, colloids, bacteria and viruses.
In order to achieve solid-liquid separation, we commonly employ hollow fibre membranes, the modules of which contain multiple small tubes or fibers with a diameter of 0.6 - 2 mm, and a pore size between 1 and 100 nm.
The advantages that can be obtained through the use of our ultrafiltration systems can be summarized as follows:

  • Safeguard against bacteria and solid particles in general
  • Destruction of pathogens which may sometimes be chlorine-resistant
  • The concentrate obtained from the ultrafiltration process is made of water contaminants. The amount produced to be disposed of is significantly lower than that of traditional treatments
  • Compact systems that don’t take up much space, easily placeable in the facilities
  • Fully automatic operating and washing systems
  • The treatments placed downstream of the ultrafiltration unit (for example reverse osmosis systems), guarantee an increased productivity because most of the substances that cause dirt to the membrane are completely removed