Chemical technologies for reverse osmosis

The experience gained in the construction of the plants has led us to develop the best technologies on the market, paying particular attention to the plant-related aspects, the preservation of components and consumables, ensuring the longest possible life for reverse
osmosis membranes on traditional systems and others.
An appropriate chemical treatment prevents the fast deterioration of the membranes, ensuring the good quality of the water produced over time and minimizing the costs associated with production and maintenance:

  • Anti crusting technologies for reverse osmosis
  • Non-oxidant biocidal technologies
  • Reducing technologies for chlorine
  • Anticorrosive technologies for permeate
  • Technologies for basic chemical membrane washing
  • Technologies for acid chemical membrane washing
  • Technologies for membranes preservation
  • Technologies for membrane sanitization

Our NPC srl technicians, after an appropriate technical inspection and case study, will be able to advise the customer on the right technology for each type of application.